Service doesn’t end when the waste leaves your facility. BHM serves as an extension of your company’s environmental program, putting over 30 years experience at your fingertips.


BHM’s experienced field personnel represent the best in the business to accurately categorize, classify, and package your wastes. Fully qualified and trained Field Chemists and HazMat technicians will prepare your waste for shipment safely and economically. By packaging the waste at the generator site in a manner which minimizes additional handling at the TSDF, BHM can provide the optimum disposal pricing.


BHM’s extensive knowledge of DOT/EPA regulations and TSDF packaging guidelines enable us to pack the waste in the most cost efficient manner. Accurate identification of waste codes and treatment methods ensures compliance and quick profile approval. A detailed computerized inventory of all chemicals is provided for documentation and waste tracking.


Buildings, work areas, and sites which had exposure to hazardous chemicals require decontamination prior to being reused for alternate purposes. BHM can provide crews to pressure wash, clean surfaces, and remove contaminated debris and rinsates for disposal. Post Decon testing is performed to confirm effectiveness of cleaning and document customer’s “Due Diligence” efforts.


BHM has teamed with Photo Waste Recycling Co., Inc. (PWR) to provide efficient responsible transportation of your hazardous wastes from the generator location direct to the TSDF. PWR is a fully licensed, permitted, and insured hazardous waste hauler with over 30 years experience. PWR operates terminals in Los Angeles and the Bay area allowing for fast efficient pick up of your wastes. By being “Party to” numerous DOT exemptions, PWR is able to transport difficult wastes (i.e. Cyanides, PIH materials. flammable solids) safely and economically.


BHM prepares all required paperwork for hazardous waste shipments. Waste profiles, manifests, and LDRs (Land Disposal Restriction Forms) are completed and presented to the customer for review and approval. Follow-up copies of all paperwork are forwarded to the customer at the end of each project. Year end shipment summaries can be provided to assist with Biennial Reports and DTSC manifest questionnaires.


Compressed gas cylinders represent one of the highest levels of danger to workers because of their dual hazards; chemical and physical (harnessed energy). BHM crews will inspect and prepare cylinders for shipment to a licensed TSDF for disposal or return to manufacturer as surplus materials. Empty cylinders can be “de-capped”, decontaminated and recycled as scrap metal.


Accurate waste characterization is essential to knowing which disposal options are available. When generator knowledge is insufficient, lab analysis may be required. Prior to testing, waste streams are evaluated for potential hazards to help target relevant test procedures and reduce lab costs. Using state certified labs, BHM can provide detailed lab analysis to assist in characterizing your wastes. Our field technicians will obtain representative samples and ship via chain-of-custody for analysis. HazCat or HazScan field tests can be performed on small containers of unknown wastes for economical characterization and disposal.


Whether you have in-house staff or rely on expensive consultants, all BHM customers, large and small, benefit from our regulatory assistance. Providing answers to the many complex issues faced by our customers allows you to focus on your business. BHM can review and assist with program development of hazardous materials handling procedures, safety programs, and application of federal and state regulations. We offer a free facility assessment and recommendations for waste handling, accumulation, and storage procedures.